Piemontes Italian Delicatessen

Friday, June 1, 2018

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Piemontes Italian Delicatessen
1234 Monterey Ste. 120
San Luis Obispo
, CA

Piemonte's Italian Delicatessen is proud to present art by Karma Thubten Lama and HANDS in Nepal. Come and see the beautiful work of Karma and a women's sewing cooperative in the rural mountains of Nepal. Craft beer, wine, and bites will be offered by Piemonte's.

About the Artist: Karma Thubten Lama 

Karma Thubten Lama, now in his late 60’s and living in Kathmandu, was born and raised in Tibet in the years before the Chinese invasion. His family raised yaks and lived in yurts as nomads. His father was a Tibetan Buddhist yogi, a respected spiritual healer, and an artist. He was a Thangka painter, taught by his father, (Thangkas are a religious painting used in Vajrayana Buddhism for meditation purposes) and passed his knowledge on to Karma. Karma and his family fled Tibet during the Chinese invasion of 1959, walking with other refugees over the Himalayas to Nepal. In Nepal, the young Karma painted Thangkas as a way to support his own family and raised 5 children on money he made from his art. He started the Snow Lion School of Thangka Art in Kathmandu and taught many art students from around the world. Later in his life, Karma decided to try and paint memories he had of growing up in Tibet. His paintings and cards show a forgotten culture, a nomadic way of life quickly disappearing. The colorful paintings depict nomads herding yaks, traveling across plains and mountains, and celebrating cultural traditions. 

Karma paints using minerals he grinds himself and mixes with water, and uses traditional hand-stretched canvas that he makes himself before using for his paintings. His paintings are original works of art from one of the last trained Thangka painters out of Tibet.
All money made from the sale of his paintings go back to Kathmandu to help Karma and his family.
About the Artist: HANDS in Nepal
HANDS in Nepal is a non-profit organization. Their mission is to build schools in the most rural regions of Nepal to promote the education of girls & to advance litracy training for a better future.
Come see the beautifl textiles, art, and sewing from a women's sewing collaborative in the rural mountains of Nepal. 
For more information see:
Instagram: @hands_in_nepal